HD Makeup

HD Makeup
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High Definition makeup is done with HD products. Most commonly asked question- How is HD different from our regular foundations, blush etc. Remember when a few years back we used to watch regular TV channels and loved it. But then, came along HD channels and we LOVE them even more. Because earlier we didn’t exactly know what we were missing out on. But now, when you see the difference between the 2 you’re like “WHOA! What have I been doing all my life?” The colours, the sharpness, the clarity- they’re all amazing! According to cosmetic chemist Don Frey: "The pigments are coated with light-diffusing coatings which help blur the light when it reflects back. There has been a lot of work on coating pigments in the last few years to provide different visual effects and these foundations and powders make use of that. By softening the way the light bounces back, it helps soften the focus at an imperceptible level so that your eye (and the camera) get a to see some of what is underneath, but mixed in with the pigment to present a more even yet translucent look," says Frey. .

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